AtheOS is a free operating system for the Intel architecture released under the GPL license. It features SMP (Symmetric MultiProcessing), multithreading, IPC, 64 bit journaling file system, loadable kernel-drivers, TCP/IP and POSIX compliance.

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SoundBlaster Pro Driver

I have written a AtheOS driver for the SoundBlaster Pro card. I have also ported mpg123.


This file contains the code for the SoundBlaster Pro driver.

Simply build it by typing

make install

and then next time you reboot the driver will be loaded.

Notice, you may need to type

mkdir /system/drivers/dev/sound

before you build the driver for the first time to create the driver directory.


This is the source for a very slightly modified version of mpg123. It will now compile and run successfully under AtheOS. To build type
make atheos

Other Drivers


This is a simple line printer driver for atheos.


All of the above code is obviously developmental. So if you encounter any bugs please send me a patch or email me and tell me what the problem is and I will try and fix it ;-). I hope you have fun.

I can be emailed at joels at mobyfoo dot org

Happy Hacking!!!

Web page last modified 6th April, 2001.